About us

Italian Food… what a pleasure! Probably the favourite among many others from around the world and in this great Country!
It is a passion that is the driving force for Guido Tremolini and Simona Faroni, a young, stubborn, and determined couple that came all the way from Italy to the Beautiful Florida Emerald Coast at the beginning of 1996.
Guido and Simona had a dream and a goal to bring Authentic Italian Gelato to America. Why would you say? Don’t we have ice cream already? Yes, but Guido and Simona would answer, “Didn’t we have coffee here before? And now we have espresso, cappuccino, latte and so on!
Same principles. Things, people, taste, and markets evolve… the whole world is always in evolution…”
Gelato is the evolution of
the ice cream world!
Guido and Simona decided to manufacture and distribute Italian Ice cream (Gelato) in America. During a visit to the Florida Emerald Coast in 1995, they fell in love with the area, and they chose Fort Walton Beach/Destin as the base of their American venture.
As they moved to the US, they soon realized that their dream was different from reality. A shocking awakening, like a cold shower, was brought by the language. They realized that language, culture, laws, regulations, and everything else were far different than they had imagined and envisioned; far different from their native country.
As if the language barrier was not enough to discourage our two young pioneers, the worst was yet to come…
They imported the necessary gelato equipment from Italy and installed it in their newly built location in Fort Walton Beach. During the final inspection, the Department of Agriculture declined the approval of the equipment.
Gelato is 2000 years old; there must be a way to approve the equipment! But all the doors were closed. It seemed to be the end… They were discouraged by everyone, they did not know what to do, where to go, whom to speak to…and mainly, how to speak!!! Did they give up? NO WAY. Their family taught them from their childhood three main things:
1. When there is a will there is a way…
2. When the water comes to the throat, you better start swimming…
3. Never give up your Dreams.
They speed-learned English, and they found some fantastic people that were willing to share their knowledge and help. Those were very difficult times. Their dream was attached to a very, very fine thread.
After 14 months their precious equipment was approved, not only by the Department of Agriculture but from Food and Drug Administration as well. It was an ordeal. They understood at that point why so many people with the same goal on Gelato went back to Italy… they could not imagine…
Today, Guido and Simona own and operate two “San Gelato Café” retail locations, offering an unsurpassable variety of Gelato and Sorbet flavours, exquisite Italian sandwiches (Panini), Coffees, and Desserts. They launched their San Gelato Café franchise after the enormous success of their retail stores. They distribute Authentic Gelato and Sorbet throughout the country and are growing exponentially every year.